Alright, so I’m new to this blog deal, but decided it might be a good way to get some of my art out there.  So now the question of where to start, hmmm….

I guess first off, a little about me:

-I’m an artist.  I’ve been in art my whole life.  Whether it’s painting, photography, graphics, metalsmithing, sewing or videography, I love it.  I was the kid who made my own clothes in high school and the one who received crocheting/craft magazines in junior high.  I even won first place in a k-12 art competition when I was in Kindergarton, not gonna lie, I’m still pretty proud of my red and blue painted dragon 🙂 You can typically find me with a camera in my hand or on my computer editing some video or graphics.  Its something about creating stuff that has always captivated me; telling a story, or just trying to share the beauty of life with other people…I love it.  Its my passion and I would love to share it with you 🙂

-I live in St. Louis and Love it.  I used to think that the midwest was boring; I couldnt wait till I could move to LA after college and pursue my career in Television and the Movies.  Obviously, this did not happen.  Something kept me in St. Louis and I’m okay with that.  I’ve discovered that I really like this city.  No, correction, I love this city.  There are so many new things to discover here.  Whether its the free Awesome Zoo or just chillin out in West county, I feel there’s always something to do.  It’s not just the stuff here that I love, but the people.  I have such a passion to serve this city and the people that are here.

-Most importantly, I love Jesus.  My love of the Lord is what drives me to pursue my art and what keeps me in Love with this City.  My goal is to help share His beauty through my art.  I feel there is a reason why I’m still in St. Louis and I’m enjoying this Journey that I’m on while I’m here.  Basically, I’m loving life.

So there’s a glimpse of me.  Hoping I can figure out this wordpress deal soon to get some of my art up on here, but for now, blog posts will have to suffice.

Until later,