Hey all! So I know most of you know that I do wedding photography, but many of you may not know that I also do custom designs for wedding invites. I absolutely love doing them, too!

So I’ve been thinking about why people should have custom wedding invite designs over buying a design for Michaels, Fedex, Vistaprint, etc..So here are the top 5 reasons to have custom designs for your wedding:

  1. It makes your wedding unique. No one else will have your designs. They will be for no one else, but you. The problem with invites, save the dates, programs, etc. that you bug from Michaels or any other vendor is that the likelihood of someone else you know (or anyone in general) having that same design is pretty high.
  2. The designs are tailored to fit your interests, likes and possible themes of the wedding. You get to pick what you want. I take your interests to heart while designing the cards. I want them to match your personalities, to match you and your fiance!
  3. All your prints will match one another. I’d love to build a bundle and help you out with your save the dates, invites and programs (plus anything else you may need printed) so that your wedding has a lovely cohesion.
  4. The work is done for you. I cannot count how many friends I’ve helped or have seen struggle to attempt to print their info on their box of invites they bought from the craft store. The templates that come with the invites are never user friendly and trying to figure out the printer settings to print on 5×7 cards is never fun. I work with local printers to do all the work for you. No more need to struggle with your technology when there are pros to do it for you.
  5. You know what you are getting before its too late. You will always see a proof before your items go to print. There is no guessing what it will look like on paper. When ordering from online companies like Carlson Craft or Kinkos, you never know what it’ll actually look like on paper. Things never look the same on the computer as it does in print.